A Theory of Trotter Error

Andrew M. Childs, Yuan Su, Minh C. Tran, Nathan Wiebe, Shuchen Zhu (or view on SciRate)

This is a more sophisticated theory of trotter error bounds for product formulas.

It makes these contributions:

  1. defining types of trotter error (additive vs multiplicative vs exponential)
  2. defining order conditions (rates of convergence of the errors)
  3. using “error representations” (to prove bounds on errors)

Order conditions imply that many derivatives vanish: \(f(t) = O(t^p)\) means first \(p\) terms vanish (Since \(f\) is smaller than \(ct^p\) near 0, \(f = a_k t^k + ... + a_p t^p\) ). This causes many terms to drop out.

Things to clarify

tags: hamiltonian-simulation