Polynomial scaling of QAOA for ground-state preparation of the fully-connected p-spin ferromagnet

Matteo M. Wauters, Glen Bigan Mbeng, Giuseppe E. Santoro (or view on SciRate)

Main point

Studies r-spin Ising magnet \((\sum_{i=1}^N \sigma_i^z)^r\) with external \(\sigma_x\) magnetic field.

Although there are barriers with quantum annealing (very rough energy landscape), the QAOA_p can do well when p is above a critical value \(\approx N/2\) (because all the minima are degenerate). When p is below the threshold, you have to choose the parameters well to easily find the ground state.


Then QAOA (including the variational parameter search) is simulated to estimate the time needed to converge.

tags: QAOA