On polynomially many queries to NP or QMA oracles

Sevag Gharibian, Dorian Rudolph (or view on SciRate)

Main idea

Consider polynomially many queries to some oracle \(C\) (where \(C\) is like NP or QMA).

In general, they are adaptive queries to \(C\). Draw a DAG corresponding to the dependency graph of the queries. If the DAG has treewidth \(d\), then the problem is in \(P^{C[d\ log]}\).

This extends the connections between \(P^{QMA[log]} = P^{\|QMA}\) and between \(P^{NP[log]} = P^{\|NP}\) to query graphs with bounded treewidth.

technical details

It uses the “separator number”: the minimum s such that every subgraph has a balanced separator of size at most s. This is related to the treewidth.

tags: quantum-complexity