Quantum state preparation, tomography, and entanglement of mechanical oscillators

E. Alex Wollack, Agnetta Y. Cleland, Rachel G. Gruenke, Zhaoyou Wang, Patricio Arrangoiz-Arriola, Amir H. Safavi-Naeini (or view on SciRate)

Main idea

Two mechanical oscilaltors are initialized and entanged by using superconducting qubit.


Hybrid quantum systems take advantage of the strengths of each component. In this work, the qubit is used for control and meaurement and the mechanical oscilaltors are capable of storing quantum information.


The authors initialize the qubit in either the ground, excited, or superposition state and swap the state into the mechanical oscillator. This is done by bringing the qubit into resonance with the mechanics and letting the two interact. After state initialization, the qubit can be measured to infer the final mechanical state. This is acheiived by the dispersive coupling between mechanics and qubit where the number of phonons (mechanical excitation) present change the qubit frequency. Finally, the authors entangle two mechanical oscillators by coupling them both to the same qubit.

tags: hybrid  qubit  quantum-communication