Matrix hypercontractivity, streaming algorithms and LDCs: the large alphabet case

Srinivasan Arunachalam, João F. Doriguello (or view on SciRate)


In this work we propose a generalization of the matrix-valued hypercontractive inequality from Ben-Aroya, Regev, de Wolf to large alphabets. This was done by first generalizing the powerful 2-uniform convexity inequality for trace norms of Ball, Carlen, Lieb. We then study a few different applications of such hypercontractive inequality.


The results on the Hidden Hypermatching problem have application on lower bounds for streaming algorithms. Here we focused on streaming algorithms that approximate the value of Unique Games on a \(t\)-hyperedge hypergraph. Using our hardness results for the Hidden Hypermatching problem, we showed that every streaming algorithm in the adversarial model achieving any nontrivial level of approximation requires \(\Omega(n^{1−1/t})\) classical space or \(\Omega(n^{1−2/t})\) quantum space.

tags: hypercontractivity  LDCs  quantum-complexity  communication-complexity  streaming-algorithms