CutQC: Using Small Quantum Computers for Large Quantum Circuit Evaluations

Wei Tang, Teague Tomesh, Martin Suchara, Jeffrey Larson, Margaret Martonosi (or view on SciRate)

Main idea

“We develop the first end-to-end hybrid approach that automatically locates efficient cut positions to cut a large quantum circuit into smaller subcircuits that are each independently executed by using quantum devices with fewer qubits”

CutQC is a circuit cutting technique (along with some other fancy tools) that can automatically locate the optimal place to cut a circuit, as well as (somewhat) efficiently reconstruct the probability distribution using what’s called in the paper “Dynamic Definition” query algorithm.


“CutQC offers an average of 60X to 8600X runtime speedup over classical simulation alternatives for different benchmarks”

The overall fidelities of the cut-and-reconstructed distributions are significantly improved as compared to running the full circuits on a 20-qubit IBM machine (figure 11) except the approcimate quantum fourier transform where the cut-and-reconstructed is worse than the full run.

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tags: quantum-computing  circuit-cutting  NISQ