Multimode photon blockade

Srivatsan Chakram, Kevin He, Akash V. Dixit, Andrew E. Oriani, Ravi K. Naik, Nelson Leung, Hyeokshin Kwon, Wen-Long Ma, Liang Jiang, David I. Schuster (or view on SciRate)

Main idea

A superconducting qubit is coupled to many modes of a 3D microwave cavity to generate N-body interactions between photons.


Photons do not typically interact with one another making them difficult ot use for many body physics. However with the superconducitng qubit it is possible to generate multi photon interactions. The authors implement this technique in a multimodal 3D microwave cavity which can store photons for millisecond timescales, long enough to perform a quantum computation or many body simulation.


In this work, the authors use a photon blockade, which limits the normally infinite Hilbert space of the linear cavity modes (like a harmonic oscillator). This is only possible due to the added nonlinearity from the qubit. With tailored pulses the authors are able to prepare entangeld states with many photons across amny modes.


The authors demonstrate the ability to generate multimode, multiphoton states through the coupling between a superconducitng qubit and mutimodal microwave cavity.

tags: superconducting  qubit  quantum-computing  quantum-simulation  3D-cavity